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This page is updated at the beginning of each month. More details of these events are given in our parish magazine, the Parish News, which is on sale in both our churches (in Kirdford and Plaistow).

For more details about the Parish News, including subscriptions, please click on “Groups and activities” in the navigation bar above.

This month's services

Forthcoming events


EVERY SATURDAY, 8.30-9.00 am (Plaistow church)

+ Parish Prayer at Plaistow

Each Saturday morning at Holy Trinity Church in Plaistow we gather for half an hour of prayer, beginning at 8.30 am and finishing as the clock strikes nine o'clock.   Everybody is welcome - whether you have something specific to pray for or not.  You can voice your prayer openly or keep it private or simply affirm the prayers of others.   It's not a service as such - there are no processions, rituals, hymns or music.  We just sit around the big table and pray.

SUNDAY 10TH NOVEMBER, 4.00 - 5.00 pm (Kirdford church)

+ New Song Cafe

All are welcome for a cuppa, some cake and a chance to learn some new songs


+ Christmas hampers and gifts for FSW

We hope that you would like to help us to assist Family Support Work (FSW) to give a happier Christmas to their families, by making donations towards HAMPERS and CHRISTMAS GIFTS.  If so, please leave items in the boxes in our churches in Plaistow and Kirdford any time during November and up to Sunday 8th December.  

Suggestions for hampers are:  

- Festive tins of chocolates or biscuits,

- Tinned meat, ham, corned beef.  Hotdog sausages.  

- Cranberry sauce, Stuffing, Gravy Granules, Tinned Vegetables

- Christmas puddings/mince pies ( check dates if buying early)

- Tinned fruit, Custard.  

Cheese crackers/savoury snacks, Squash and cordials

Suggestions for gifts (please leave gifts upwrapped) will be on the Christmas Tree at the back of the two churches.  The labels suggest presents for either boys and girls or mums and dads.  This year they don't need gifts for babies and toddlers, so they are looking for items suitable for ages 5 to 18.  Gift cards are ideal for teenagers.  Please collect a label and return your gift to one of our churches.  The presents will be collected each Sunday and stored for distribution to families - the last collection for presents and food will be Sunday 8th December from Kirdford church.  That will give time for the hampers to be made up and distributed before Christmas.  

Many thanks in advance from Family Support work.  Your generosity is so very helpful and will brighten Christmas for many families.    


SUNDAY 8TH DECEMBER, (Kirdford & Plaistow churches)

+ Christmas hampers and gifts for FSW

Last day for hamper items and gifts - see details in final November item above.

SUNDAY 9TH - FRIDAY 24TH JANUARY, (various times & venues)

+ Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

This year's theme is 'Unusual Kindness', which is about demonstrating hospitality and generosity to those in need, and also loving encounters with those who do not share our language, culture and faith.

The launch service on Sunday 19th January will be at St Mary's Fittleworth and the lunchtime Talksduring the week be at the United Reform church, Petowrth, as usual.It will be a great opportunity to spend some time in the bible together and also get to know more faces from the Petworth area churches.