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This page presents a selection of our latest news & other articles, updated at the beginning of each month. The articles are mainly taken from (or based on information from) our parish magazine, the Parish News,

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What an amazing weekend!

Thank you all so much for all you contributed to the event, it really was a wonderful community weekend and so many people said how much they enjoyed it.

We were very blessed to have the support of Dame Julie, Lord Coe, Peter Wilson, and Murdoch's Crazy Eyes, and the Laser Clay shooting and the McLaren simulator were great attractions, but what made the weekend was the community coming together to enjoy a community event to support community projects.

It's too hard for me to pick out a highlight from the weekend, but my heartiest congratulation to everyone who took part in the 5K (just watching the warm up was enough for me!) – I am in awe of you - and all you fit folk that enjoyed Fiona's yoga and the Fitsteps - such energy!  The party night was brilliant fun and great to see everyone dancing the night way.  And the carnival, gosh wasn't that amazing!  The walkers, the floats, the cars, even the Scouts water bombs – brilliant.  The flower festival in Holy Trinity, wow!  We are so blessed to have such talented flower arrangers; the colours and scent were exceptional.  The history display, the stalls, the food stands …… gosh I could go on and on!

As I said, it's too hard for me to pick out a favourite part of the weekend, it was all great.  And it would be equally hard to thank everyone by name who made this event what it was, so forgive me if I simply say a heartfelt 'thank you one and all'.  However, I would like to say a particular 'thank you' to Julie Walsh for all her inspiration, hard work and patience in pulling this event (and all of us) together, without you Julie we could not have done it.  It was such a joyous weekend full of fun, good company, and just one or two cream teas– thank you everyone.

As yet we don't have a final total as there are still a few bits coming in and going out, but we are hoping and praying that we raised in the region of £40,000 – amazing.  God is good.

This tremendous amount will give a good boost to the Holy Trinity reordering fund and will enable us to go seeking grants and funding.  And we will also be able to make contributions to the playground equipment for Butts Common in Kirdford and the extension work to the Scout and Guide hut.  Donations will be sent to the School, Plaistow Pre-school and Little Acorns by way of thanks for their generous support without which we could not have staged this event.

We have a wonderful community here in the Parish and it has been a joy to celebrate it in this way.  



Over the school holidays our toddlers have met every Thursday morning in the Winterton hall for a fun time of learning more about Jesus.  Each session was organised by one or two of the Mum's with the help of Susan and Marion – and a great time was had by all.

Our young Mum's often get together for a time of discussion and bible study (ably assisted by Susan) to encourage one another in their faith and to support each other as they bring up their children in the church – hence the group name 'Footsteps'.  A little while ago, the Mum's wondered if the children could be more included in our Sunday worship rather than have them just playing at the side, but were very aware that that's not an easy one to solve!

Children are welcome every Sunday, and we try to offer some provision for them during the service.  At St John the Baptist we have our Sunday Club in the vestry area, and on the first Sunday, when we are at Holy Trinity, we engage our youngsters in a craft activity related to the teaching.  However, this doesn't always work for our toddlers. So we've been listening to our Mum's and we're going to try something new – and we pray, exciting!

On the first Sunday at Holy Trinity we are hoping to provide our toddlers with a time of 'Godly Play'.  Toddlers like to play, so during the talk we will invite them to have some focused play using Duplo.  We're thinking of having this up in the Chancel so that it is distinct from the play area.  Whoever is leading will suggest something they can build either on their own, or better still together, which connects to the theme of the day.  (To do this we will need Duplo or similar – so if you have any spare, all donations will be welcome!)  We will still have our craft activity for our older children.

Providing and encouraging our youngsters is so important, but there is one slight drawback in the way we do this, and that is, that we take our youngsters 'over there' whilst we stay 'here', which can unintentionally make them and their parents feel a bit cut off from the worship and the rest of the church family.  This is nothing new, it has been an issue since time immemorial, but that shouldn't be an excuse for us not to try something new!

So, from this month, on the second, fourth and fifth Sundays, we will continue to have Sunday Club in the Vestry, but on the third Sunday, we are looking to have the youngsters stay with us all through the service and include them in our worship.

Panic not – we are not turning the third Sunday into a toddler/children's service, but we will be including worship aimed more at their age group.  But how?

The liturgy will stay the same, but as we do for Baptisms, we will only have the Gospel reading.  Then instead of the sermon, Susan, Janice or I will invite the youngsters forward and we will have an interactive talk which will include some children's songs.  We will then lead straight into the intercessions starting with the 'signing prayer'.  If you are down to lead the intercession, please continue as normal, there will be no need to aim them particularly at the children.  The sharing of the Peace follows, during which the children (and their parents) will move into the choir stalls so they can see and hear better, and I will include some explanations of what we are doing.  I may well use a different Eucharistic Prayer with responses.  Then once they have received their blessing they will sit in the church as normal.

There is so much that could go wrong with this!  And I realise it will take a while to settle before we find the right level, but I do hope and pray we can work together to build something very special.  I also know the Mum's are a bit anxious that some folk might stay away on the third Sunday because ……. I do hope that will not be the case.  We seek to build up not tear down.  So please talk to me if you have any concerns.

What happens if we don't have any children on a third Sunday?  Well, Janice and I will just have to step up to the mark and pray for divine inspiration!

Our children and their parents are such a blessing, please hold them – and this new venture - in your prayers.




Our Harvest Festival Service wil be on Sunday 29th September at Kkrdfoid church at 10.00 am.

Please bring gifts of non-perishable goods.

The service will be followed by a Bring & Share lunch at Kelsey Hall 12 noon - all are welcome.

As many as possible please come on Saturday 28th from 9.30 am to help decorate and prepare the church for the service - refreshments provided.